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Autocamp Yosemite

August 31, 2023

Sarah Randall

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Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

This past week we stayed two nights at Autocamp Yosemite and we loved our time! I’m answering all your questions at the end of this post!

Autocamp has 80 custom airstreams and 15 luxury tents available for rent. It’s about a 40 minute drive from Autocamp into Yosemite National park. I’m not much of a camper, so having my own hot shower at the end of the day was a big win in my book.

Here is the…what should I call it…lobby (?) at Autocamp where you can relax around a fire, bring a laptop and get some work done, or order food and drinks from their restaurant and bar. They even have a pool for guests to enjoy. Every morning they serve coffee and homemade granola. That’s my type of camping.

The airstream felt surprisingly large inside! They each have a queen bed, a full-size pull-out futon, a kitchen sink, microwave and mini fridge, and a bathroom with a full-size shower.

There is no stove or hot plate inside the Airstream, so we did all of our cooking over the fire. They provide you with this grill plate and one cast iron pan per reservation. We went with our friends so we cooked together and shared equipment. Although it was messy, this was one of my favorite parts of the experience!

I will mention that it’s pretty hard to find groceries around this area, so try to pack up food beforehand. There is always the Autocamp restaurant in an emergency, but it did make for a really fun experience to cook outside.

Q & A

Q: Whats with the cafe? Part of the autocamp or just happens to be close?

It’s right in the camp! They are open from 7am-10pm, and also have grill kits available that you can take back to your site. There is also coffee in the morning and a full bar in the evening.

Could you hear your neighbors? I’m okay tent camping but not in an area with grizzlies!

Surprisingly, no. Our friends stayed in the airstream next door and despite having a baby and a three year old, we didn’t hear them.

Are pets allowed?

Dogs are welcome to stay for an additional $75 fee.

Is it cost effective to stay there versus other places, or more money?

It looks to be about the price of a hotel in the valley, and about double some of the camping spots. The issue is that both of these options are so booked out, there aren’t really other last minute options available. Also, Autocamp gives guests the boutique hotel experience that makes for such a memorable vacation!

How is the location to the trails?

It’s about a 40 minute drive into the National Park, and from there you can park at whichever trailhead you chose!

Which package did you guys get there?

We got the “Classic Airstream Suite” package!

Prices? How easy was it to reserve?

The nightly rate varies between $171 and $679 depending on the time of year and demand. It was so easy to reserve- their site is easy to navigate and also have a very active customer service team!

Is it kid-friendly?

Absolutely! I would have LOVED this as a kid. They have a pool, grassy areas to play, fire pits for s’mores, bikes, etc. The only disclaimer I’d say is we had to be careful with the little ones around the fire pit while cooking at night.

Did you bring a pack-n-play or do they have accommodations for baby?

Charlie is still immobile enough to sleep on the bed with pillow barricade, but next time we’ll need to bring a pack-n-play since they don’t have them available.

Interested for a family of 5- kids 9, 6, and 4- would autocamp work?

Yes! If your kids don’t mind squeezing together on the pullout to sleep. If you want more space, Autocamp offers a “basecamp suite” which has a tent with a bed in addition to the airstream! They also have a few family cabins available.

In the ones that say 2 adults, 2 kids, can you do 3 kids? Our youngest is 2.

I personally think that would totally work!

What camera do you use? Pics are stunning!

Thank you! We use this SonyA7rii.

I heard that it’s a bit far from the park entrance. Thoughts?

For us, the drive was worth getting away from the crowds, having our own trailer, and being able to book so last minute! I’ve always heard about how hard it is to get a spot in Yosemite, with some reservations requiring booking a full year in advance. Honestly, I’m not that much of a planner, so being able to book this just three days beforehand was right up our ally.

How long did you stay there and how much do they charge per night?

We stayed for two nights, and I wish we would have booked 3! That would have allowed us 2 full days in the park. We only had 1 full day in the park since Yosemite is a 7 hour drive from San Diego. We paid about $400 per night, but there are dates available at lower rates!

Bathroom access?

Each airstream has a bathroom with a toilet, vanity and sink, and full-sized shower equipped with soap, shampoo and conditioner. It’s pretty amazing. There are also nice restrooms with extra showers in the lobby building, if you have a bigger family and want extra options.

Experience with booking? Usually Yosemite has over a year wait.

We booked three days beforehand! That’s why the 40 minute drive was worth it to us.

Non “hiking” family friendly? We love exploring but not avid hikers.

You are speaking my language!!! We aren’t hikers either. We found so many amazing spots were accessible just by pulling off the side of the road or taking a ten minute walk. For example, we parked our car right on the side of this river with an incredible view of El Capitan and went swimming:

Bridalveil falls was only a ten minute walk from where we parked our car. We sat so close to the waterfall that we felt the mist!

Are they letting you drive your own car into the valley?

Yes. There is a $35 entry fee that covers a whole week.

Looks like it’s limited to only one night?

No, you can book multiple nights at Autocamp.

Do you have a discount code?

Not yet, but I’m working on it!

This photo belongs to AutoCamp.

Hows the climate right now during the day/night?

It’s beautiful summer weather right now! It was warm enough that we wanted to jump in the ice cold river. The night are comfortable with a sweatshirt.

Do you need to prepare charcoal, pan, etc for the grill?

We bought firewood there and used the cast-iron pans they provided.

Autocamp has been on our bucket list! How did you decide time of year to visit Yosemite?

I’ve heard that the waterfalls often dry up in the fall, so I wanted my first visit to be in spring or summer! I love being able to swim on trips like this, so the warm weather was so fun. I’d love to visit again in the winter.

Was it easy to find quiet spots in nature or were there crowds?

Thankfully, we were able to find quiet spots! My favorite moment was sitting on this massive rock by ourselves watching BridalVeil falls.

Equipped with electricity for AC overnight?

Yes, each airstream has a minisplit system. Now that’s glamping.

I recommend checking out this blog post from The Foxes Photography for even more detailed shots. of the airstream interior and AutoCamp’s outdoor spaces. I’d definitely recommend 3 nights here so you can spend some time just enjoying the campsite! We will definitely be back.


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