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Everything We Loved in Detroit

August 25, 2023

Sarah Randall

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Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

We visited Detroit last weekend to celebrate a friend, @comestayawhile, reaching 1 million followers (hence the fancy outfits!) It was our first time to Michigan and such a perfect time of year to visit! We were only in the city for two days, but we still found some amazing spots and are sharing them all here.

All dressed up for the big event!
Charlie’s first suit!

What we wore:

Charlie’s baby suit was a bit too big for him, but hey, still cute! I wore this sequin dress (this has a built-in bra which is so nice), and Jake wore this classic black suit.


Shinola Hotel was definitely our favorite spot from an interior design standpoint. Their beautiful lobby is open to the public with a fireplace, couches, and a menu to order from. I could have chilled there for hours. It really is such a cool vibe! I definitely want to stay here next time we’re in Detroit.


We had some great food in Detroit! I had an incredible chocolate pistachio croissant from Cannelle Detroit, an amazing brunch at Townhouse (the interior is also stunning here), and the best Middle Eastern food I’ve ever had at Leila. Don’t skip Leila! It’s incredible. If you sit near the window, there is a really nice view of life downtown.


Shinola also has a shop that I really enjoyed visiting! They have luxury leather goods, watches, and my personal favorite, journals. After I got back home, I ordered a journal for Charlie (they monogram for free.) My dad kept a journal of all the funny/cute things my sisters and I said growing up, so I want to do the same for Charlie!

Speaking of Shinola, they actually came out with a line in collaboration with Crate and Barrel in 2021. I love everything in this artful collection!

Shinola Detroit for Crate & Barrel:

Throwbacks Home has a beautifully curated collection of hand-made furniture from local designers and woodworkers. They had just closed when we arrived, but I couldn’t stop staring through the windows!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an officer on horseback!


If it’s possible, getting by the water is always top priority for us when traveling! We walked through the city to the Detroit River, and it was so beautiful. That’s Windsor, Canada across the river. We walked along Atwater Street and stopped at the Memorial to the Underground Railroad. There was live music playing in the park, a street fair, and it all made for a really nice afternoon walk!

We had a blast and would love to visit Mackinaw Island next time we’re in Michigan. Now tell me, what did we miss?!


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