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Hospital Bag Essentials

May 8, 2023

Sarah Randall

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I asked my followers what to bring in my hospital bag (we are first timers here!) and it was so helpful to read all of the responses. Here are the hospital bag essentials I packed and actually used..

This electrolyte powder saved me. Saying I felt dehydrated after giving birth is an understatement- this my favorite electrolyte powder to replenish hydration! I’ve continued to take it as I sometimes feel depleted from all the nursing.

The disposable underwear might seem like a little much, but trust me- things are MESSY after giving birth! Literally everything is leaking. I used disposable underwear for 2-3 weeks postpartum, and then was able to switch to boy shorts with liners.

The Peri Bottle was a game changer. If you’ve had any sort of tear, it really stings when using the bathroom. This spray bottle helps to dilute the urine so that the stinging isn’t so intense. The hospital will likely send you home with a bottle, but this one has a much better design.

All these products were so helpful for me and I hope they help you out too. Being a first timer, it’s hard to know what you’ll actually need. All of these helped make me so comfortable after delivering Charlie.

I hope these hospital bag essentials are helpful to any of you first timers like they were for me!

You can check out Charlie’s entire birth story here!


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