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“Painting” Inside Our Fireplace

January 12, 2024

Sarah Randall

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Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

We had some cracks in our fireplace professionally sealed a few years ago. They did a thorough job actually fixing the problem, but not such a good job in the visual department. Here is the before:

I went on a wild goose chase looking for the right product to cover up this seal. After visiting three different hardware stores, nothing I found was usable for direct flame exposure. Everything I found was for the outside of barbecues and fireplaces. I spoke to a professional and she said that paint would just burn right off. Even this type that’s made for up to 2,000 degrees is not safe for direct flame exposure!

Black fireplace mortar would have been a good option, but since that wasn’t available locally I decided to improvise. I decided to use the soot from our fireplace to cover up the lines! I bought super cheap paintbrushes and tried “painting” the soot, but it ended up being easier to just pick up a piece of charcoal and draw with it.

Just like that- so much better! I like the natural look it has like this as opposed to painting the whole inside solid black. You can still see the brick behind the fire but the thick white lines are covered. It was so easy.

In case you don’t want to draw with charcoal, I linked a product here that can be used for mortar joints inside fireplaces. I wish the fireplace repair company we hired would have just used this to begin with. 😉


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