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Painting Our Chimney

June 6, 2022

Sarah Randall

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Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

Happy Saturday!

We had some repairs done on our chimney a couple of months back. We never finished the last 5% – painting it!



I hopped into my paint suit to protect my green Madewell set 😉

We started by scrubbing off any dirt with a wire brush for a smoother canvas.

We used a sprayer because our brick has lines and it was easiest to paint in all the groves that way.

We ended up applying two coats of Black Fox paint leftover from the garage so it was “free” and it matches our fence. This is the most budget-friendly flat exterior paint option at Lowe’s, and it’s compatible with brick.

Next was exterior caulk. It allows for a smooth transition between the wall and chimney. I painted over after it dried!

This was a big project – so this last 5% was enough to take up our entire Saturday! I love how our chimney ties together our yard now!

We’ll see you again next week!


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