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Pink Tile Bathroom

April 11, 2022

Sarah Randall

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We're so glad you're here! We've been transforming spaces together for the past five years and slowly renovating our own 1950's home. Join us as we create a home we love!

Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

Me? With a pink tile bathroom? What?!

How we brought our bathroom from tiny, damp, and white, to bright, airy, and blush:

I’ve always been one to lean toward cool tones. Not just in my designs- even in my wardrobe. I remember about a year ago, during an interview we had with a producer for a potential TV show, he asked me “How would you describe your style?” I had a hard time narrowing down my favorite styles and giving him a clear answer. I was just getting started in this design world, and I often looked to others on Instagram or Pinterest to inspire my designs.

Thankfully now, I can feel that shifting. This bathroom renovation is the perfect example. I was having a relaxing day at home and the vision just popped in my head- pink tile. What? Pink? My friends and family would definitely not associate the color pink with my aesthetic. But it felt so right. Plus, our bathroom is SO tiny. 28 square feet! If there was any room in which to take a risk, it was this one. So I went ahead and pulled the trigger and ordered the tile. Over $2,000 dollars worth of tile, might I add. So there was no going back at this point. I was all in.

⁣⁣⁣⁣Did I have a moment of “what have I done?!” Yes. But I tried to trust my gut and stick with it. I pictured the exposed tongue and groove wood ceilings, the blush shiny tile, a simple white tile floor. When American Standard reached out to partner with us on this bathroom remodel, everything just clicked into place. Their polished nickel fixtures were the perfect pop of cool tones to balance out all the warm colors. I felt like everything was coming together…let’s do this!

Here’s what our bathroom looked like on February 7th:


We took our bathroom completely down to the studs, and in some parts…down to the earth below. (Like literally the dirt under our house, haha). We did the demo ourselves and found 3 rats’ nests in the process (no actual rats, thank goodness.) We added an HVAC register to the bathroom and an exhaust fan that vents out through the side of the house. From there, we handed it over to the professionals to extend the walls up to the newly exposed ceiling, move the plumbing according to our new design, redo the electrical completely, float the new shower tile, and install the tile floors.

Walls & Ceiling

From there, we took the reins again and sanded and sealed the ceiling with Minwax polycrylic in flat, installed 5” pvc baseboards, and painted the walls Chantilly Lace in eggshell and the baseboards the same white in semi-gloss. I recommend this foam roller for painting baseboards.


After this was all finished (and WOW it turned out so beautiful), it was time to install our new American Standard fixtures. The polished nickel truly is the perfect pop against the blush. I just love it! Here is the list of everything we installed:

Pedestal Sink
Polished Nickel Faucet
Portsmouth Toilet
Rain Showerhead
Showerhead Arm
Shower Handle
Toilet Paper Holder
Towel Bar
Robe Hooks

We finished off the bathroom with this nickel sconce, and a beautiful mirror I found at a local vintage store. I truly can’t believe it’s the same bathroom! If you needed a sign to trust your gut and try a new design choice, this is it! 😉

Our costs came in right around $12,000. Here’s an approximate cost breakdown:

door installation $455
electrical $663
drywall $1,000
plumbing $960
*We initially made mistakes here and had to have it redone.
redo plumbing $1,135
hotmop $750
tiling $6,000

miscellaneous materials
paint $40
baseboards $60
mirror $60
light $125
sealer for ceilings $20
door $200
doorknob $150
exhaust fan $67
HVAC $200

The tile was gifted and the toilet, sink, shower head, and faucets were sponsored. Those items would have added an additional $4,000 in approximated costs.

We haven’t decided on a shower curtain or door yet.
I hope this helps some of you plan and budget for upcoming renovations!

Official before & after:

Me? With a pink tile bathroom? What?!

This post is sponsored by American Standard.


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