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Sealing Kitchen Sink & Painting Window Frame

July 18, 2022

Sarah Randall

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1. Sealing Kitchen Sink

The sealant on my kitchen sink cracked which isn’t good because water can leak behind the sink into our cabinet. I used this Dap Kitchen, Bath, & Plumbing Sealant. I like these little tubes because I don’t have to use a caulk gun.

Don’t use regular caulk. Look for a high-moisture sealant like this for kitchens/bathrooms. I accidentally broke the tube…haha. So, I finger painted. Don’t do this…

But it worked! And I’m happy with the outcome.

Could you add a little section to the blog:

Q: “Do I need to remove the old sealant? How do I do that?”

I didn’t need to remove mine because it had shrunk so much into the crack. If you need to remove old caulking (because it’s in the way or has mold), we recommend using this tool!

2. Painted Outdoor Window Frame

We painted an aluminum window frame black today! We have four more to do, which feels a bit daunting. Breaking it up into one at a time will help us wrap it up!

Using cardboard as a guide helps so we don’t have to use plastic sheeting inside and outside the frame.

We use Rust-oleum High Performance Enamel in Flat Black – although, I’d recommend satin for exterior like this. Also protect your body! Wear a respirator mask!

My favorite part is always peeling away the plastic’s so satisfying! We did some paint touch ups on the overspray to keep it looking fresh and clean.

We’ve got 3 matching windows now – a small victory! Now every time I got out by the pool I won’t think, “Ugh, I need to paint that dang window.”

See you next week!


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