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Seattle: 7 things you can’t miss

May 17, 2015

Sarah Randall

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Seattle - Seven things you can't miss

Seattle is one of my favorite quick trips. Living in Southern California, it’s relatively easy to fly to (and there is no time change), I love the climate, and there are so many fun things to do in the city and just outside of it. I’ve been here three times (always between March and May) and always had great weather. If you can, get the window seat on your way there! If you fly in the daytime there is a good chance you’ll get a great view of Mt. Rainier. 

Mt. Rainier

Here are seven things you can’t leave Seattle without seeing: 

1. P I K E ‘ S  M A R K E T

This place is full of culture – fish throwing, cheese curdling, piano busking…it’s quite the experience. Everyone is super hyped on the first Starbucks, but I’d say that Breecher’s Handmade Cheese is the place to be. They have, in my opinion, the best mac n’ cheese on the planet! I also love going through the produce markets. The infamous gum wall is just past the fish market at Pike’s. 

Pike's Place Market
Pike's Place Market

2. D I N N E R   I N   T H E  S P A C E   N E E D L E

Yes, this might be a little touristy…but it’s worth it. It’s the best view during dinner I’ve ever had! The restaurant spins so you get to see everything. If you can, GO AT SUNSET! It’s amazing to see the transition from light to black with a fully lit skyline. Dinner is expensive, there is a $35 per person minimum, but it costs $29 to just go up to the observation deck. So you’re only paying $6 more for a fancy dinner included! 

Space Needle
View from Space Needle
View from Space Needle
View from Space Needle

3. S N O Q U A L M I E   F A L L S

This site is about 45 minutes outside of Seattle, and so worth the drive. It’s near a cute old-time-feel little town where you can get some pizza and authentic homemade root beer at Snoqualmie Brewery and Taproom. There is a hotel right on the edge of the waterfall that would make an excellent place to stay the night. On your drive back to Seattle, the salmon farm makes for a fun stop. 

Snoqualmie Falls

4. C H I H U L Y   G A R D E N  +  G L A S S

This is not your everyday art museum. If walking around looking at paintings bores you, don’t worry – this museum full of larger-than-life blown glass sculptures is far from typical.

Chihuly Garden

5. S T A R B U C K S   R E S E R V E   R O O M

I’m not much of a Starbucks person, but this place is like the Wonka Factory of Coffee. It’s nothing like your typical coffeeshop. They roast small batch in-house, send the beans through bronze pipes along the ceiling and straight into the espresso machine, and make specialty drinks you’ve most likely never seen before. They have a coffee library, dozens of different ways of making a cup of coffee, and food from local companies. The CEO of the company gets his morning coffee in this location every day.

Seattle Starbucks Reserve Room

6. O L Y M P I C   S C U L P T U R E   G A R D E N  +  B O A R D W A L K

This is just a really nice stroll, especially at sunset. Seattle is huge on public art, and you’ll get your fix of it on this walk!

Seattle Olympic Sculpture Garden
Seattle Boardwalk
Seattle Sculpture Garden

7. F E R R Y   T O   B A I N B R I D G E

This little island is a great place to ride a bike or go for brunch. There is a neat little art museum just a couple minute’s walk from the dock. The main reason I love this so much is for the views of the city. Grab a cup of coffee, and sit back and relax after a lot of city walking. View the schedule here

Seattle Ferry

A couple other suggestions…
-Enjoy a latte (and even a meal) while shopping at the Elliot Bay Book Company (this bookstore is FUN!)
-Free Tea Tasting at Vital T Leaf
-Restaruants on Capitol Hill (We had amazing Pho.)
-See the infamous Fremont troll
-Go shopping at Amazon’s first brick-and-mortar storefront (You don’t even have to check out! The store has the technology to scan what you take from the shelf and charge your amazon account as you walk through the door.)
-Visit the Seattle Public Library
-Watch Sleepless in Seattle
-Visit the PACCAR IMAX theater
-Take a stroll around Lake Washington
EMP Museum

Seattle Public Library
Seattle Public Library


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