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DIY Concrete Slab

April 10, 2024

Sarah Randall

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Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

We are making a DIY concrete slab for a garden shed in our yard. Originally we were going to put the shed right behind our house but we want to leave that space free just incase we ever decide to add on. The shed will go in the back right corner of our yard.

DIY Concrete Slab

We’ve never done this before so we’ll probably learn a ton…hopefully we don’t make any irreversible mistakes­čśů

Setting a Frame

First, Jake leveled out the dirt where the concrete will go. We used 2×4’s for a frame.

2x4 frame for DIY Concrete Slab

Mixing Concrete

We’re using Quikrete from Lowes for this project! We purchased 40 bags for this 6×8 concrete slab. We spent a total of $159. The bags were just under $4 a piece. We’re mixing the Quickrete in this concrete mixing pan with water using a garden hoe.

Mixing concrete
Spreading concrete

A quick note – our concrete slab is only 6×8. For this size, the weight of the shed going on it, and the type of soil we have, rebar wasn’t required. Definitely check the recommendations specific to where you live and how much weight will be going on your concrete slab before making a decision about rebar!

We didn’t plan our timing very well. We ended up having to be outside late into the night to get the finish right. Definitely start this project in the morning if you’re going to do it yourself!

DIY Concrete Slab

Smoothing Concrete

We’re using a 2×4, a concrete edger and concrete trowel to get everything just right. The 2×4, moved across the top of the wood frame, levels any high points in the concrete. The edger creates a small line between the 2×4’s and the actual concrete and give the top of the concrete a more rounded, less aggressive edge. The trowel smooths out all the lines and any rough spots on the concrete.

Concrete Edger

We waited a few days for it to set and it looks amazing!

You can see everything we used for this project in our Shed Links blogpost.


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