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DIY Pumpkin Patch

June 26, 2024

Sarah Randall

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Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

On a whim, I decided I want pumpkins in my yard by Halloween this year! So I planted a DIY pumpkin patch. I’ve literally never gardened in my life – but I saw my friend @baileyvantassel’s instagram reel and thought…”I can do that!” So, here’s how I did it!

First, I laid down a ton of cardboard where I wanted my pumpkin patch. This is a quick solution to build no-tail beds.

Then, I bought 4 bags of compost and spread it out evenly over the cardboard. I laid the compost down about 3 inches deep.

I planted 4 types of pumpkins in my DIY pumpkin patch:

  1. Jack Be Little
  2. Jackolantern
  3. Red Warty Thing
  4. Big Max

Then, I found some spare pavers in our garage and used them to make a border!

After weeks of exhausting yard work removing our yucca plants and planting our hedge, it felt so good to do a quick and simple project. I think it will be so fun for Charlie and I to go out every morning and water our little pumpkin patch. If you have any tips, please send them my way!

Stay tuned to see how these pumpkins turn out in the fall!


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