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Homemade 4th of July Popsicles

June 28, 2024

Sarah Randall

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It’s already warming up big time over here in southern California. So, I wanted to find something cold and fun to bring to our 4th of July party next week. These homemade 4th of July popsicles turned out so cute and tasty. And they were so easy to make!

The Blue Layer

Ingredients for the blue layer

I put all my ingredients into my blender with a whole bottle of natural blue food dye for a really vibrant color. (The blue dye is optional!)

I bought these popsicle molds off of Amazon and filled them each a third of the way full. Then, I added the popsicle sticks and put these in the freezer for 4 hours.

The White Layer

Ingredients for the white layer

  • 2/3 cup Coconut Milk
  • 2/3 cup Almond Milk
  • Sugar to taste
  • *I read a few recipes using vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt for this part! I think that would work too. I just bought some of the Trader Joe’s oatmilk vanilla ice cream to try for my second batch.

I whisked together all of these ingredients in a mixing bowl, and then poured it into the molds and put it back in the freezer. Next, I let this layer freeze for 4 hours as well. I think ice cream would work great for this layer as well!

I’m using this Mackenzie Childs measuring cup! It’s so cute. I love the entire Courtly Check Collection!

The Red Layer

Ingredients for the red layer

Finally for the red layer, I blended strawberries, honey, and lemonade together. The lemonade really brightens the popsicles and makes them taste better. I poured this final layer into the popsicle molds and let them freeze for a final 4 hours.

These homemade 4th of July popsicles were seriously so delicious. I was so impressed! You can see more of my summer recipes here!

This recipe was inspired by @megseverydayindulgence on Pinterest!


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