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Endless View Lodge – Dining Room

August 17, 2021

Sarah Randall

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We're so glad you're here! We've been transforming spaces together for the past five years and slowly renovating our own 1950's home. Join us as we create a home we love!

Hi, we're Jake and Sarah


This just might be my favorite room at the Endless View lodge. At golden hour, the views from this room are absolutely insane with the sun setting right over the lake and the forest shining with a warm glow.



We needed to lengthen the chandelier, so Jake cut some from the previous chandelier with a grinder, I spraypainted it to match, and we attached it.

The owner of this cabin found this beautiful live-edge hardwood slab (linked one very similar I found on Etsy) and asked us to seal it and add legs. I found these sturdy bases on Etsy, and I sealed the top using this polyurethane and a 6 inch foam roller. We measured and used a level to make sure the legs were in the right place, then pre-drilled and attached it with screws.

We laid a jute rug, hung jute shades, installed an industrial chandelier, and hung some artwork I made on my Glowforge. I put together a modern and rustic centerpiece by placing different size candles and river rocks in this piece from Crate and Barrel.

Here are our sources:

jute shades
jute rug
kitchen barstools
dining chairs
dining table legs
curtain rod
candles – 6 inch
candles – 8 inch
blanket ladder (similar, couldn’t find an exact match)

Here is how the living room and dining room connect. Seriously the tallest ceilings I’ve ever seen! It feels so spacious and bright.

Click here to book a stay at the Endless View Lodge in Big Bear, California.


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