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Our First Family Halloween! (2023)

November 2, 2023

Sarah Randall

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Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

Okay, it’s true what they say…Halloween is WAY more fun with kids! I don’t always dress up for Hallowee. But Charlie is here now and we had to jump in! Since this was our first Halloween as a family of three, we wanted to do a family costume.

We’ve been playing music from Winnie the Pooh for Charlie since he was born. Jake also loved Winnie the Pooh as a little boy, so it seemed like the obvious choice. It’s sentimental, classic, and so cute! Jake was Tigger, I was Piglet, and Charlie was Pooh…of course!

Our first family halloween

Charlie’s costume was a hit! He kept rubbing his tummy…it was so cute! These made for easy costumes to throw on with minimal effort/makeup etc. We just threw on some tennis shoes and voilĂ !

I thought the Piglet costume was so cute with the pink skirt. Jake loved the Tigger costume too! He said it was so comfy…it’s basically pajamas! Ha!

Motherhood is a blast so far. It is so special to do all these firsts with our little guy.

Our first family Halloween together was so sweet. I feel like Charlie has already grown so much. I’m excited for all the fun Halloween costumes to come! I’ll need to keep a running list for the future.


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