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Guest Bedroom Retreat

March 11, 2021

Sarah Randall

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We're so glad you're here! We've been transforming spaces together for the past five years and slowly renovating our own 1950's home. Join us as we create a home we love!

Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

We worked on this Guest Bedroom Retreat this week! We are putting shiplap up 2/3 of the wall and spray painting it. I’m so excited!

The room came together beautifully. It’s always so special seeing these rooms come together! After so much designing, building, styling, trying to get it all just right… feels so good to see it done.


First time using a paint sprayer…success! Color is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. The finish is way better than anything I’ve done by hand before. I linked the sprayer below!

Wish I could link the Behr coveralls (major ghostbuster vibes) for you too…but they aren’t currently for sale! Sad.

To work around the outlet with the shiplap I followed these steps:

  1. painted the outline of the outlet
  2. pressed the shiplap board up against it to create an outline
  3. drilled holes onto the 4 corners
  4. cut out a rectangle with my jigsaw

Also, I love using downloadable art in my room makeovers. There are literally thousands of artists selling their amazing work on Etsy for such great prices. You can download them, resize them based on your frame size, and use them multiple times! Also, I love that it supports small businesses.

The 9×12 rug was under $400 and the queen bed under $500! The desk and vanity were about $250 together!

Here’s everything else we used for this room makeover:

hanging planter
non-slip rug pad
queen upholstered bed
knit blanket
sconces (can be plugged in or hardwired)
office chair
accent chair
woven striped pillow
art print
paint sprayer


It was so much fun working on this Guest Bedroom Retreat!


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