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Lime Wash Touch Ups

January 31, 2024

Sarah Randall

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Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

Today I’m going to touch up our lime wash in the front yard. We just finished fixing the planter and the brick is covered in overspray from paint and it’s faded over time.

I’m using the masonry paint brush and lime wash from Romabio. I’m using Bianco White.

I need to dilute it first. I didn’t follow an exact ratio, maybe about half water and half lime wash. I’m stirring it with a fork per usual😂

In my experience with lime washing brick, it’s best to use a brush. A roller makes the paint too runny and you can’t get between the bricks.

If you accidentally spill some, it will come up easily with water as long as you get to it while it’s still wet!

Why lime wash instead of paint?

Paint will stop the airflow in brick, trapping moisture. Lime wash is very watery thin – it is just crushed up lime stone and water. It allows the brick to “breathe.” If you do want to use paint, look for “masonry paint.”

I decided to leave the top on the side because I want it to eventually fade off completely to match the pathway.

This is what our front yard looked like when we first moved in…

And look at it now!

It’s all these little projects that have made all the difference!

I’m cleaning this brush out super well because I love it and want to use again and again! This brush would be great for cinder block, stone, brick, etc.


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