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My Favorite Amazon Swimsuits

April 15, 2024

Sarah Randall

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I just bought a ton of Amazon swimsuits. These suits were super impressive for their price points. I took some photos in these suits so you can see what they look like on! They were all under $40!

One Piece Swimsuits

I saw this exact swimsuit for $198 at Madewell and found it for less than half the price on Amazon! It’s called The Gabby One Piece.

The Gabby One Piece

Floral One Piece

Floral One Piece Amazon Swimsuit

Two Piece Swimsuits

This whole suit is under $34. It comes in lots of cute patterns and colors!

High Waisted Bandeau Amazon Bikini

I ordered the green version of this suit also. It has a really cute little white and light blue floral pattern!

High Waisted Bandeau Amazon Bikini

Out of all the suits I ordered, I thought this rust colored one would be the cheapest looking one and I was surprised. It was actually the highest quality fabric out of all the suits. It has a double lined, ribbed material. I will definitely be wearing this one often. Lots of color options. Highly recommend!

Rust High Waisted Amazon Bikini

Blue Color Block Two Piece

Color Block Blue Amazon Bikini

Green Color Block Two Piece

Color Block Green Amazon Bikini

Sporty Blue Two Piece

This one might be my favorite! Great coverage in the back too. This comes in every color – so if you like this cut, I’d definitely shop this one!

Scoop Neck Floral High Waisted Two Piece

These next two aren’t as much my style – but I thought I’d share just in case you want to see what they look like on a real person!

Green Scoop Neck Floral Bikini
Pink Scoop Neck Floral Bikini

Lavender Ribbed Two Piece

Lavender Ribbed Bikini

I hope this post helped you see what these suits look like on a real person! Sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’ll be like in the Amazon images. All of these Amazon swimsuits were super impressive. The quality was a lot nicer than I expected and really like all the cuts of these. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can start wearing all of these!


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