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Replacing Our Door Knobs

December 19, 2023

Sarah Randall

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Now that our doors are dark navy, I thought it was time to change out the modern black handles to something with a little more of a pop. We’ve been eyeing these New York knobs for about a year now, and decided to try one out this week for 5% Saturday. I wanted to see one installed before ordering the other 3-5 for the rest of our house!

They look really swanky and cool against the doors. I had a feeling I’d like them, because we’ve loved having the unlacquered brass hardware in our navy kitchen. It looks pretty shiny right now, but because it’s a “living finish,” over time it will develop a natural patina that will soften the look. Our kitchen hardware has been up for about 8 months and I already like it better than the day we installed it.

These knobs are solid brass, so they are a bit spendy. I also wanted to share this really similar look I found for only a fraction of the price:

$141 New York Knob

$20 Antique Door Knob

Keep in mind when ordering that there are a few different kinds of interior doorknobs. Will it be for a bedroom, bathroom, a closet, or pantry? Will it be a spare room that doesn’t need a lock? You’ll have three options depending on your door’s intended purpose: privacy, passage or dummy (single or double). Privacy has a lock, passage has no lock, and dummy means that the doorknob doesn’t turn.

Another note if ordering: To measure the backset size, measure from the edge of the door (closest to the doorknob) to the middle of the opening in the door where you will place and attach the door knob. There are two measurements that you’ll get. Either 2.375 inches or 2.75 inches.

After seeing one installed, I think I’m going to go for it and order the rest of them! It’s nice seeing our home become just a little bit more cohesive every week. Speaking of…these matching hinges will be our 5% project next Saturday!


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