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At-Home Lead Test

November 9, 2023

Sarah Randall

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This week at the antique store, this china set stopped my in my tracks. I kept coming back to it, and finally accepted that I couldn’t leave the store without it! I love the brown intricate floral pattern, and it’s made in the USA from a company called.The 35 piece set was $65.

Once I brought them home, I remembered that my friend @hanwestby recently mentioned that some vintage china contains led. I happened to have a lead test at home because I’ve been testing some of my antique decor pieces, so I decided to test it. Almost instantly, the yellow swab turned pink and I was so bummed!

Ingesting lead can lead to lead poisoning. This can cause developmental delays and other serious health issues. When regularly using items containing lead, there’s a gradual release of lead into whatever you’re consuming. Better safe than sorry…so unfortunately, I won’t be using this set.

Here’s the link for this at-home lead test.

lead test kit

Now, I’ve got 35 pieces of china I’m not quite sure what to do with. I guess the one positive thing is that I may have saved someone else from purchasing and eating off of it! If you also have vintage china- I’d definitely recommend testing it! It’s under $10, only takes 1 minute to find out, and could potentially have a serious impact on your health!


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