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How to Swap a Drain Cover

November 13, 2023

Sarah Randall

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This weekend, I swapped out my stainless steel sink drain to match our brass sink! This was one of those projects where I ordered the part months ago, and just never got around to it. This installation took us about an hour from start to finish, including clearing out everything from under our sink and putting it back.

Here’s the before with stainless steel..

Here are 5 steps to swapping out your sink drain:

1. Disconnect garbage disposal

2.Remove old drain

Once everything is disconnected, you can just pop the old drain out.

3. Apply plumbers putty

The putty needs to go along the ring of the new drain. Make a snake like you did with play dough as a child, and then wrap it along the underside of the drain. It acts as a seal between the sink and the drain.

4. Tighten new drain back with screws

5. Remove excess plumbers putty

This is the most satisfying part!

Voila! They match so nicely. Now you can reattach the drain and garbage disposal.

We’re working on replacing all our kitchen sink fixtures. Here’s everything we’re using:


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