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Speech Therapy Room Makeover

July 5, 2024

Sarah Randall

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We're so glad you're here! We've been transforming spaces together for the past five years and slowly renovating our own 1950's home. Join us as we create a home we love!

Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

Both of my sisters are Speech-Language Pathology Assistants! Last summer, I did a makeover on my sister Lauren’s office and it was such a blast. You can see that entire makeover here! So, it was only fair to give Katie’s speech therapy room a makeover too!

Here is where we started with this speech therapy room. It definitely needed a refresh!

The goal was to make this space feel bright and youthful with pops of color. Katie also needed tons of closed storage. It’s distracting for the students to be able to see all of the games and props during speech therapy.


First up, paint! I used DAP spackle to cover up holes from the shelves that were previously hung here. Then, I painted the walls with a fresh coat of paint. (Charlie wanted to help🤗) We used the white paint they had on hand so it matched the other rooms. Just painting made such a difference in here!

The facilities guy was happy when he found out he didn’t have to paint this room himself in preparation for the school year!


I found the cutest artwork on Etsy. They’re so cute, colorful, and encouraging! You can find them all here.

I put them in these 24×36 frames at Michaels!

Some advice…

Here’s my unsolicited advice for decorating a classroom: scale! When in doubt, go BIG with your decor. I’ve noticed a lot of classrooms have a lot of super small decor/ furniture and it makes the room feel smaller/ cluttered. I think having big posters, a large whiteboard, and big shelves makes the room feel so much more cohesive. Put matching cabinets together so they look like one big one! Group student art together with one BIG frame.


For storage, we got everything from Songmics! We put three of these cabinets side-by-side to give the look of one big credenza. I’ve used these cabinets in so many spaces now; they are my go-to. They’re powder-coated, metal with wire mesh in front. They look so sleek!

These Songmics cabinets we used are perfect because the mesh in front helps calm down the colors of the curriculum inside and makes it look less cluttered.

Additionally, we used these drawers and storage cubes!


Choosing decor for this room was so fun! This rug is from Boutique Rugs and it’s SO cute. It was a super reasonable price and shipped really fast.

I got this large paper lantern on Amazon and the pink and blue ones in a 3 pack at Hobby Lobby! We just used little j-hooks in the ceiling tiles and fishing wire. It was so easy! It was a great way to decorate that corner on a tight budget.

Then, we replaced the tiny little whiteboard in here for this huge one! It was so simple. Just four screws with anchors – and it came with little caps to cover up the screws.

We made a last minute decision to keep a trampoline in the room. I found this cute yellow trampoline that I thought matched the style of the artwork perfectly. So, I swapped out the original, old, black one for this one!

Drop Zone

We moved all of the school supplies, games, and books into the white cabinets. So, that left us with a free corner! My idea for this was to make a little “drop zone” using this coat rack where students can hang their backpacks, lunch pails, etc., with a little seating area! I forgot a drill 🤦🏻‍♀️ So I used a mallet and a drill bit to make the holes I needed for this coat rack.

I also added some cute vintage baskets I’ve collected over the years.

I used these reversible ottoman footstools from Songmics. They’re reversible – so they can also be used as a workspace!

It was so much fun to work on this space! I love getting to design rooms – especially for my family. It’s the best!

You can use code 15SARAHELLENRANDALL on Amazon Sonmics products for 15% off!

Here’s everything we used in this speech room!


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