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Motion Activated Kitchen Cabinet Lights

November 27, 2023

Sarah Randall

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We're so glad you're here! We've been transforming spaces together for the past five years and slowly renovating our own 1950's home. Join us as we create a home we love!

Hi, we're Jake and Sarah

You may remember back in the springtime when Jake and I built this fridge/pantry from scratch. It’s been an amazing addition to our kitchen.

But…it’s really dark in here. We painted it navy (which I love) but it’s hard to see into the cabinets even in the daylight.

It’s time to add some lights! The reason I’ve been hesitant to do this for so long is because I didn’t want to deal with batteries. I also didn’t want to have to keep replacing the adhesive. I found these motion-activated light bars that work with magnets and are rechargeable.

These lights have magnets you adhere to your surface so you don’t have to keep applying adhesive each time you have to charge.

They look amazing and are super easy to install.

We went with the brighter option – but they have a warmer option as well.

See how we built this pantry from scratch, check out this post!


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