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Planter Box Refresh

September 18, 2023

Sarah Randall

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For this week’s 5% Saturday, I gave these window planters a much needed refresh.

I built these planters a few years ago and they desperately needed new plants. I bought some Rainbow Elephant Bush for about $9 each. Since they are a succulent, I’m hoping they’ll be pretty low maintenance. It cost about $70 to fill two planters.

Here’s the before…


It’s like a breath of fresh air! I recommend erring on the side of too many plants rather than too sparse, as I think it looks better on the fuller side. Some people responded about the Rainbow Elephant Bush and said it’s super easy to propagate. You just cut off sturdy limbs, dig a hole, and plant it. I’ll have to try that out!

Like I said, I built these planter boxes a few years ago for $4 each. Prices have probably gone up since – but still such a cool DIY inspired by Angela Rose Home. You can see the step-by-step in our blogpost here.

If building isn’t your thing, here are some flower boxes that come ready to install.


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