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Planter Box Refresh

September 18, 2023

Sarah Randall

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For this week’s 5% Saturday, I gave these window planters a much needed planter box refresh. I loved the flowers in them before but I lost track of the maintenance…they died.

Planter Box Refresh

These planters I built a few years ago desperately needed new plants. I bought some Rainbow Elephant Bush for about $9 each. Since they are a succulent, I’m hoping they’ll be pretty low maintenance. It cost about $70 to fill two planters.

Here’s the before…


It’s like a breath of fresh air! I recommend erring on the side of too many plants rather than too sparse, as I think it looks better on the fuller side. Some people responded about the Rainbow Elephant Bush and said it’s super easy to propagate. You just cut off sturdy limbs, dig a hole, and plant it. I’ll have to try that out!

Like I said, I built these planter boxes a few years ago for $4 each. Prices have probably gone up since – but still such a cool DIY inspired by Angela Rose Home. You can see the step-by-step in our blogpost here.

Planter Box Refresh

I’m so glad I took the time for this planter box refresh!

This planter sits right outside my kitchen window above the sink. Having any sort of plant here is the best! I’m standing over my sink quite a bit and it’s always a sweet to look out the window and see these!

If building isn’t your thing, here are some flower boxes that come ready to install.


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